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Myth of Dragons (MoD) is an NFT project which immerses its community in a world of fantasy and infinite possibilities; Nothing is impossible in the magical realm of MoD. MoD utilizes AI text conceptualization, and combines it with storytelling and utility to create a unique experience. MoD Takes advantage of utility, which means our NFTs don’t just sit in your wallet. Take part in multiple types of events including Hatching, Breeding, and different kinds of Special events! The MoD team is constantly trying to add more utility to the project so that the community continues to engage and enjoy themselves. 

MoD exists on the Ethereum blockchain, and is currently available on Opensea. MoD’s Twitter account is responsible for the story telling aspect. 

MoD plans to expand the team and create fantastical experiences for the community that allow them to disconnect from the stress of real life, and enjoy the wonder of magical beings. Partnerships and Collaborations are currently being discussed, so stay tuned!

Dragon Eggs

There are 50 Dragon Eggs in the Genesis collection which hold a special kind of utility*; they will receive free airdrops from all future collections. Aside from the eggs in the Genesis collection, Dragon Eggs will hatch within 14 days once purchased.

Types of Dragon Eggs:

There are a variety of Dragon Eggs available within the Myth of Dragons collections. The different kinds of eggs which can be found in the genesis collection are Fire, Water, Holy, Dark, Grass, Leaf, Mental, Lightning, and Gold. New types were introduced in Season Two on Opensea.

*Each Dragon Egg will only hatch once! Repurchasing an egg from the Genesis Collection will give you the ability to take advantage of all other  utility associated with the egg. This Water Dragon Egg and Gold Dragon Egg are the only two unhatched Dragon Eggs from the Genesis Collection.


There are two types of Dragons in the Genesis Collection. There are Abandoned Baby Dragons, there are regular (Fire/Water/Holy/Dark/Grass /Leaf/Mental/Lightning/Gold) Dragons. Abandoned Dragons were promotional NFTs, and will no longer be produced. The 9 types of Dragons (listed above) in the Genesis season will also never be rereleased. During breeding seasons, Dragons from the Genesis collection will always be able to participate.

Like with Season One, Dragon Types which hatch and are released during Season Two will no longer be in production once Season Three has started.




Purchase a Dragon Egg, and wait for it to hatch! The waiting period is between 1 and 14 days. 


Breed your pet Dragon, and discover many new types of Dragons! Use the MoD Twitter Community to find a partner.


All Genesis Egg owners are automatically airdropped new NFTs from the project as they’re released. 

Breeding Card

When you first breed your dragon, you will receive a Dragon Breeder Card. The more you breed, the higher your level, the more rewards you get!


NEOZEN Network

Myth of Dragons is proud to be a part of the NEOZEN Network, and is excited to participate in the Digital Combat Card Game.

The NEOZEN Network plans to offer an interactive gaming platform for cross-collection utilization. They have the ability to attribute a secondary set of traits to pre-existing collections within their gaming network, and add value to NFTs that may hold a lesser-rarity ranking.


T██████ █████ Bosses

Even greater u██████ ███ ████ ██ ███████ ██ ███ ████ ██ █████! 

███ █████ ██ join forces ████ █████ ██ ███ █████████ ██ ████ ████ ███████ ███ earn █████ ████████ █████ ███ ███ ████ trade ██ ███ ███████ 

More to Come!

We’re actively working to expand the utility of this project and the NFTs within it. Stay Tuned!

Current Team






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Community Lead


Myth of Dragons (MoD) is an NFT project which was born in august of 2022. It utilizes story telling through Lore, and aims to immerse its community in a world of infinite possibilities. The MoD collection is currently available on Opensea on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The Myth of Dragons project was started by a sole founder whose love of fantasy and mythology came together with NFTs. The mission of this project is to engage a community with similar interests, and begin to build a realm in which there is much to do. Every community member will have the option to help shape the direction this project takes. 

Holders of the 50 Genesis Dragon Eggs will receive one (1) free airdrop per egg held from all future collections and drops.

The same types of Dragons will never  reappear (E.g. Fire, Gold, Mental, etc.). Once Dragon Eggs in Season Two hatch, the Dragon Egg will be replaced by the baby dragon. This ensures that there will ultimately only be 50 Dragon Egg NFTs.

Abandoned Dragons are part of the Genesis collection, and were given away to promote the collection. They are able to take part in breeding, and there is essentially no difference between them and any other dragon in the Genesis collection, aside from the fact that they did not hatch from an egg. 

Genesis Dragon Egg NFTs play an important role in this project. Not only would it not be possible without Dragon Eggs, but it’s how utility begins. Genesis Dragon Egg holders will be airdropped NFTs that are released by the project (And possibly others through partnerships), as they were with Dragon Essence. This allows the Dragon Egg holders to partake in the current and upcoming events without having to purchase additional NFTs to do so. There will also be instances where holders of Dragons will also be airdropped gifts.


Myth of Dragons